The HUFLIT Alumni Community shares about leveraging the strength of the university’s brand in job search and career development

TÁC GIẢ: Department of Student Affairs
NGÀY: 12/06/2023

In order to build a sustainable and skilled HUFLIT student community that is well-prepared for the future job market, the University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology in Ho Chi Minh City has organized a series of skill-building workshops called “Hành trang chinh phục tương lai” (Equip for Conquering the Future). These workshops are conducted with the support of successful alumni who act as guest speakers.

The series of activities commenced with a lively exchange session featuring Mr. Doan Trung Thao, an esteemed alumnus from the Faculty of Business Administration and former Global Marketing Director of Orion. Throughout his journey with Orion, Mr. Doan Trung Thao managed 6 product categories in over 50 countries, accumulating 13 years of experience in brand development and establishment.

Under the theme “Brand Equity and Brand Perception of HUFLIT: Leveraging Opportunities for Employment and Career Advancement”, Mr. Doan Trung Thao generously shared his extensive knowledge and expertise on harnessing HUFLIT’s strengths that students can immediately tap into to build a strong foundation for their careers, secure job opportunities, or even initiate their own ventures.

MBA. Dinh Hong Van, Head of Department of Student Affairs, presented a gift to Mr. Doan Trung Thao as a gesture of gratitude for his insightful talk

During the conversation with the students, Mr. Doan Trung Thao emphasized the crucial role of each individual in building reputation and value for a brand, alongside developing their personal brand. He shared valuable insights and strategies for leveraging these factors in the modern working environment. Mr. Thao’s discussion highlighted the importance of personal branding, networking, and continuous self-improvement in today’s competitive world. He encouraged the students to be proactive in shaping their own professional identity, showcasing their unique strengths, and standing out in their chosen fields. His lessons and experiences served as valuable guidance for the students, inspiring them to take charge of their careers and aim for success in their respective industries.

Mr. Doan Trung Thao shares his experiences and answers all questions for students

During the interactive session, the students brought up the challenges they might face in achieving their goals, such as dealing with situations where they cannot negotiate with potential employers to meet their requirements or coping with job-related stress. In response, Mr. Trung Thao shared his own experiences and advised the students to have clear goals, accurately assess their own abilities, be prepared to face difficulties, and never stop learning and gaining knowledge. He emphasized that if they truly have the capabilities, they can choose a similar job in a different, more unfamiliar field to showcase their potential.

Mr. Thao also discussed the necessary strategies and skills for building a personal image and brand, creating uniqueness that attracts employers. He highlighted the importance of differentiating oneself from others and making an impression that stands out in the eyes of potential employers.

The students confidently raised questions interacting with Mr. Doan Trung Thao during the exchange session

Students take photos with teachers and guest speakers

The workshop “Brand Equity and Brand Perception of HUFLIT, How to Utilize Employment Opportunities and Develop Career” not only provided valuable knowledge and experiences but also played a crucial role in enhancing students’ professional awareness and their ability to seize opportunities. According to the Department of Politics – Student Affairs, there will be more interactive sessions and sharing from alumni in the future to accompany current students on their journey to accumulate the necessary skills for their future careers.

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