Faculty of Oriental Languages and Cultures

The Faculty of Oriental Languages and Cultures is designed to train students to become proficient in the languages, cultures, histories, and societies of East Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan. The curriculum focuses on providing students with both fundamental and in-depth knowledge in these areas. Most of the courses are taught in Korean or Japanese. In addition to language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, students also learn highly applicable subjects such as presentation skills in Korean and Japanese. They also have the opportunity to participate in cultural festivals and engage in scientific research activities within the field.

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Future career

  • Engage in teaching or research on topics related to the field of Korean or Japanese studies at institutions or schools.
  • Opportunities to work in multinational companies in fields such as translation, marketing, tourism, education, or in representative offices and trade offices.
  • Pursue further education at the postgraduate level in disciplines such as Linguistics, Asian Studies, or Oriental Studies.
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Faculty members


Faculty Executive Board

Tran Van Tieng, Ph.D.
Hoang Nguyen Phuong, Ph.D.

Head, Deputy Head

Hoang Kim Oanh, Ph.D.
Head of Section of General Subjects and Second Foreign Languages
Dinh Lan Huong, MA
Deputy Head of Section of Korean Language
Nguyen Thi Phuong Thu, MA
Deputy Head of Section of Japanese Language
Why choose

Faculty of Oriental Languages and Cultures

Curriculum is diverse and highly applicable.
Regularly Korean and Japanese language competitions both domestically and internationally.
Acquire diverse knowledge in fields such as culture, language, history, society, and economics.
Chance for apprentice and intership internationally

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