Student Affairs

Welcome to HUFLIT's Student Affairs

During the time of studying at the university, the Student Affairs department is the companion of students, providing guidance and support in administrative procedures and processes. They also listen to and address various issues concerning students.

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Online support

Students can access the school's HelpDesk to submit inquiries and receive assistance regarding any issues they encounter. Additionally, the latest announcements concerning students are regularly updated on the school's Portal, Website, and Fanpage.

for students

Below is a comprehensive list of common documents, forms, and templates for HUFLIT students

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On-campus support

Parents and students can schedule appointments to meet with the specialists from the Student Affairs department

by contacting the following channels:

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Students can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below for answers to common inquiries regarding various topics such as scholarship applications, tuition fee exemptions, tuition fee extensions, evaluation regulations for student conduct, issuance of student enrollment certificates for supplementary purposes such as loan applications, implementation of policies and regulations, military service, personal files, and more.