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As one of the first established faculties at HUFLIT, the Faculty of Foreign Languages has been closely associated with the university's reputation for over 30 years in training and teaching. In each field of study, students not only learn about linguistics, but also gain knowledge about civilization, culture, and literature. They have the opportunity to choose a specialized field of interest to delve deeper into. Moreover, students are equipped with language skills for academic environments, daily communication, and workplace communication. Supporting them are experienced faculty members with master's and doctoral degrees who have been trained both domestically and internationally.

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The curriculum of the Faculty of Information Technology is built upon a foundation of knowledge in programming, technology, computer science, and data science, starting from the fundamentals and progressing to advanced topics. The learning environment emphasizes practicality, with numerous projects and significant assignments for students to undertake. In addition to technical skills, the program also integrates foreign language proficiency and essential soft skills to enable students to meet the most stringent requirements of the job market and pursue careers with competitive salaries after graduation.

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Faculty of Oriental Languages and Cultures' academic programs are designed to train students to become proficient in the languages, cultures, histories, and societies of East Asian countries such as South Korea and Japan. The curriculum focuses on providing students with both fundamental and in-depth knowledge in these areas. Most of the courses are taught in Korean or Japanese. In addition to language skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, students also learn highly applicable subjects such as presentation skills in Korean and Japanese. They also have the opportunity to participate in cultural festivals and engage in scientific research activities within the field.

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At Faculty of International Relations, most major subjects are taught in English, allowing students to acquire comprehensive knowledge in various fields such as economics, law, culture, politics, diplomacy, public relations, and communication. Additionally, students are directly involved in organizing events of different scales, starting from their first year of university. The rich knowledge and language skills gained in this program will provide a solid foundation for International Relations graduates, enabling them to possess versatile abilities in both domestic and international contexts.

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Since it's establishment in 2001, the Faculty of Business Administration has experienced significant development in both quality and scale. The curriculum offers diverse content, and throughout the first three years of study, students are trained in all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing, ranging from basic to advanced levels. All business-related knowledge is taught in English, and the faculty members have extensive experience in the field. As a student in the Business Administration program, you will have the opportunity to engage with real-world work environments and industry experts.

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To meet the increasingly stringent requirements of the service industry, the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality has always been attentive to the changing in demands and in recent years, it has focused on innovating its training programs. As a result, alongside the continuous update of knowledge, students will also be nurtured and equipped with essential vocational skills throughout their studies. This is achieved through well-structured experiential activities and practical training, ensuring a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience.

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The program development team of the Faculty of Economics and Finance at HUFLIT consistently keeps abreast of the major trends in the economy, offering students innovative and practical content. As a result, students in this faculty not only acquire new specialized knowledge but also develop essential skills for the industry. Taking advantage of the university's collaborative partnerships with domestic and international businesses, the Faculty of Economics and Finance also provides students with internship opportunities, enabling them to gain practical work experience prior to graduation.

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The Faculty of Law offers a program that closely aligns with practical applications, nurturing students' solid capabilities in both fundamental and advanced areas of business law, finance and banking law, international commercial law, legal and legislation research, throughout the four-year undergraduate program. Inheriting the dynamic learning environment of HUFLIT, the Faculty of Law has built a vibrant, creative, proactive, and confident student community.

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