Faculty of Economics and Finance

The program development team of the Faculty of Economics and Finance at HUFLIT consistently keeps abreast of the major trends in the economy, offering students innovative and practical content. As a result, students in this faculty not only acquire new specialized knowledge but also develop essential skills for the industry. Taking advantage of the university’s collaborative partnerships with domestic and international businesses, the Faculty of Economics and Finance also provides students with internship opportunities, enabling them to gain practical work experience prior to graduation.

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Future career

  • Foreign exchange dealer, credit officer, financial service specialist, international payment staff at banks.
  • Investment analyst, financial analyst; appraiser; investment fund manager,…
  • Accountant, auditor; Cryptocurrency asset transaction manager; Researcher at schools, research institutes.
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Faculty members


Faculty Executive Board

TS. Nguyễn Thị Xuân Lan

Head, Deputy Head

TS. Trần Minh Lam
Trưởng Bộ môn Tài chính - Ngân hàng
ThS. Lê Bá Khôi
Phó Trưởng Bộ môn Kế toán
ThS. Đinh Ngọc Long
Phó Trưởng Bộ môn tiếng Anh chuyên ngành KTTC
Why choose

Faculty of Economics and Finance

The curriculum is consistently updated.
Over 50% of the subjects are taught bilingually in both English and Vietnamese.
The program places a strong emphasis on the practical application of information technology in data analysis.

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