Why choose HUFLIT

Key highlights

The first private university
in the southern region
30 years of experience in teaching and training students both domestically and internationally
Accredited for the quality of education in training programs and educational facilities
Over 94% of graduates secure employment in their first year
Dynamic and innovative extracurricular activities and events
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Corporate collaboration

Understanding the importance of graduates meeting the requirements of businesses, HUFLIT provides students with opportunities for apprenticeships and internships through its network of collaborations with domestic and international enterprises. Through these experiences, students will acquire essential skills and familiarize themselves with the work environment at an early stage.

Career Orientation

HUFLIT has established relationships and collaborations with numerous foreign universities, diplomatic agencies, non-profit organizations, as well as a wide range of reputable domestic and international businesses across various sectors. As a result, every year, students have the opportunity to access diverse internship and apprenticeship positions through the HUFLIT JOB FAIR, which provides knowledge about the job market through career-oriented workshops (HUFLIT Career Talks) and Company Tours Vlog Series.

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Alumni sharing

Looking back on the time spent with HUFLIT, I am always proud that I have lived and studied to the fullest during my student years. I am deeply grateful to the esteemed teachers and the entire faculty of the university – the companions who have played an important role in my intellectual development journey. When you come to HUFLIT, you have given yourself an excellent environment to cultivate yourself. Be ready to embrace opportunities and responsibilities to develop your inner strength as the foundation for creating the future.

Bui Tram Anh
Researcher - Teaching Assistant - Research Assistant -
Brock University
Alumni, Faculty of Foreign Languages


In addition to being a private university in the Southern region with over 30 years of experience in teaching and training specialized programs in foreign languages, HUFLIT is highly regarded for producing graduates who possess strong capabilities and the ability to work with international counterparts. Many alumni hold important positions in businesses and work in multinational environments. Furthermore, the university has achieved accreditation for the quality of its educational facilities and training programs, ensuring the high standard of education provided to students.

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Campuses and Facilities

Currently, the university has five campuses, including four campuses located in the city center and one campus in Hoc Mon. The convenience of transportation is a significant advantage for students to commute between campuses, thanks to their strategic locations and well-connected transportation networks. All campuses are equipped with modern facilities and equipment to maximize the learning and teaching experience.


The learning aim

With an educational philosophy focused on happiness and freedom based on ethics and intellect, HUFLIT aims to provide students with a comprehensive development in both physical and intellectual aspects from the first year. Along this journey, each academic year brings different experiences of personal growth, allowing each learner to choose their desired future path through self-discovery, understanding their interests, and seizing opportunities to participate in competitions, awards, extracurricular activities, and events throughout their university years.

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In addition to scholarships available for new students, the university also offers scholarship programs for students who have achieved excellent academic performance throughout the academic year. These scholarships have a total value of over 9 billion Vietnamese dong, recognizing and rewarding outstanding students for their achievements.