HUFLITers enhance awareness of reproductive health and gender education through the “Sex And Students” 2023

NGÀY: 05/06/2023

At the Auditorium on the 6th floor of the Su Van Hanh Campus (HUFLIT), the Faculty of Foreign Languages organized the final round of the “Sex And Students” competition in 2023 with the participation of numerous students currently studying at HUFLIT.

The competition aimed to “explore” knowledge about love and safe sex for HUFLIT students. “Sex And Students” in 2023 not only provided a beneficial playground but also served as a platform for HUFLITers to present their perspectives on the knowledge they have sought and learned. Additionally, the competition offered an opportunity for students to further enhance their knowledge of their own and others’ psyches.

HUFLIT students with guests at “Sex And Students” 2023 competition

The final round of the competition had the presence of three talented and beautiful judges: Mia Nguyen – a psychological expert and specialist in organizing the Ladies of Vietnam events; Shinsa Pham – the runner-up of The Next Face Vietnam season 1; and Nguyen Vu Ha Anh – a TV host at VTVcab – Vietnam Cable Television.

Three talented and beautiful judges accompanying with competitors

The final round consisted of three parts: Warm-up, Debate, and Drama. For the Warm-up section, each participating team prepared their presentation content on topics related to reproductive health, sexually transmitted diseases, unplanned contraceptive methods, safe sex practices, and gender identity.

The participating teams showed great enthusiasm and invested considerable effort into their presentations, from visuals to the core content they selected for the delivery. At the same time, the messages they wanted to convey to the participating students were highly practical.

Through the Warm-up section, the teams were equipped with valuable knowledge about reproductive health and how to protect themselves from the risks of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.


The Warm-up round

During the Debate round, two teams each expressed their opinions in favor of or against the topics provided by the Organizer. The teams randomly selected which side they would defend, either supporting or opposing the two topics: “The trend of single parents. Should it be encouraged or not?” and “LGBT is becoming increasingly common, and this affects the youth. Agree or disagree?”

Each team had its own strengths and outstanding points. With seriousness and sharp arguments backed by evidence, both teams ignited the atmosphere in the auditorium like never before. The performances were highly successful and satisfied both the judges and the participating students.

The judges provided objective feedback and evaluations for each team’s performance, while also sharing their own experiences on how to present their viewpoints in the most persuasive way, aiming to help the participating teams apply these skills in their lives and develop essential soft skills.

The Debate round

In the Drama round, the teams creatively constructed scenarios based on the given themes and performed directly on stage, conveying meaningful messages to the audience in the most authentic and lively manner.

This was the most attractive and highly anticipated part of the program. The teams succeeded in thoroughly exploring and excellently presenting the two themes provided by the Organizing Committee, which were “Sống thử (Cohabitation)” and “Giáo dục giới tính trong môi trường học đường (Sex Education in the School Environment)“.


The Drama round
The Grand Finale of the competition concluded with a range of emotions. Through the competition, HUFLIT students had the opportunity to access knowledge about reproductive health and proper gender education, reinforcing their perspectives on sensitive and difficult-to-discuss issues in life. It can be said that “Sex And Students” in 2023 was not only an academic competition to enhance knowledge but also a platform for HUFLIT students to unleash their creativity and affirm themselves on the path to maturity.
Memorable moment of the teams with the organizers and the judges


  • HUFLIT accepts applications for admission based on the high school transcript evaluation in the fourth round
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    On July 24, 2023, the Admission Council of HUFLIT announced the guaranteed threshold for admission quality based on the method of evaluating the high school graduation exam results in 2023. This threshold is applicable to 18 undergraduate majors under the regular system, following the admission evaluation process regulated by the Ministry of Education and Training. The admission score threshold ranges from 15 to 16 points.
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