Founder U45 achieved successful funding on Shark Tank but continues to pursue his passion for the Chinese Studies

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NGÀY: 01/03/2023

Being an enthusiast and fond of Chinese culture and language, the individual featured in HUMAN OF HUFLIT shared his journey of conquering the fascinating field of Chinese studies while holding the position of founder and CEO of a business.

Recalling Shark Tank Vietnam season 3 (2019), readers might still remember Mr. Huynh Huu Hai Binh (born in 1979) with his “reviving the dead waste” project, which received a successful investment offer from Shark Do Lien.

Mr. Huynh Huu Hai Binh conquered Shark Lien with his “dead” waste classification project on Shark Tank season 3

Even more surprising is that a successful environmental entrepreneur continues to pursue a second bachelor’s degree in Chinese Studies at HCMC University of Foreign Languages – Information Technology (HUFLIT) in September 2022.

The first impression when meeting this U45 freshman student is his confident demeanor, bright eyes, and eloquent speech. He believes that his story is not extraordinary, except for the fact that he is the “oldest” student in HUFLIT at 43 years old.

Aspirations gradually come to fruition

Since Mr. Hai Binh was young, he has had a hobby of reading books, especially with a keen interest in Chinese literature and ancient Chinese history that has been translated.

During one of his engrossed moments with the pages of books, he suddenly noticed something “off”, as if the translators had not closely adhered to the original meaning. The thought of mastering the Chinese to be able to read and translate his favorite books and texts ignited the dream of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Studies within him.

Mr. Binh shared, “I have two biggest dreams in my life. One is to build a business that serves society, and the other is to conquer the Chinese. I achieved the first one in 2018, and now it’s time to lay the foundation for the remaining aspiration”.

Currently, as the founder with a demanding workload and limited time, choosing to pursue a regular university program is a challenging and daring decision for Mr. Hai Binh. However, if he dares to dream, he must dare to fulfill it.

University environment is the best place for language practice

Having participated in various short-term Chinese courses, Mr. Binh concluded that merely studying the language alone is not enough because language is a way of life. Learning a language should go hand in hand with culture, history, human experiences, and sometimes even politics and ideologies. This helps the language integrate naturally and profoundly into everyday life.

Moreover, to achieve proficiency in a new language, the role of the instructor is crucial. Encountering a knowledgeable and effective teacher will facilitate the absorption of knowledge.

According to Mr. Binh, investing sufficient time in language learning plays a decisive role. Learning a language is a whole process, and without dedicating enough time and focus to practice, it is difficult to become fluent. These are all the reasons that solidified his confidence in choosing the regular university program at HUFLIT for his language pursuit.

Portrait of the U45 freshman student at HUFLIT

When asked about the serendipity of coming to HUFLIT, Mr. Binh shared, “Since my time as a Social Sciences student at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities (in 1997), many of my friends from the same generation pursued language studies at HUFLIT. Therefore, when I made the decision to conquer a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Studies, I chose HUFLIT without much hesitation”.

In difficulties lie opportunities

During the past time, despite being busy with work, Mr. Binh still prioritized time for his core courses, trying not to miss any classes or extracurricular activities. Although he encountered some comical situations on his journey to pursue higher education at the age of 43.

When submitting the admission files, he was mistaken for submitting application forms for his child or being taken as a lecturer by his classmates, the oldest student in the university always attentively listened to lectures and actively interacted during class, as noted by the teaching staff.

Apart from time constraints, age and adopting new study methods also presented challenges for Mr. Binh. However, he remained optimistic and shared, “At first, I felt a bit awkward because I was accustomed to the traditional one-way learning method, but luckily, I quickly caught up with my classmates and discovered the new and exciting way of learning, which brought me closer to the real-world environment”.

Students take the initiative in researching lessons, preparing content, and presenting in front of the class. The instructors also adopt an open teaching method that helps unlock the potential of students and supports their deeper understanding of knowledge.

Modern learning environment and practical teaching methods help students absorb knowledge better

For Mr. Binh, attending university is just the beginning, a ticket for him to continue learning and applying the knowledge gained into practice.

The story of this special student, Huynh Huu Hai Binh, and his daring spirit to dream and pursue those dreams, is expected to inspire and motivate the 2005 generation as they approach an important phase in life – choosing their future majors.

If you are nurturing a dream, take care of it and give it a chance to sprout because “dreams are like stars… you may never touch them, but if you follow them, they will lead you to your destiny”. (Samuel Johnson).

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