Vietnamese Visa for International Students

TÁC GIẢ: Department of External Relations
NGÀY: 01/01/2023

Department of External Relations (DIR)  will  help international students to obtain the visa pre-approval prior to their departure to Vietnam.

Student Visa (Type: DH): Any prospective students seeking higher education in Vietnam must obtain a student visa.

Important Note: It is unable to convert Tourist Visa into Student Visa after you enter Vietnam border.


Steps Actions Student Visa
Step 1 Letter of Acceptance HUFLIT issues Letter of Acceptance for students if your applications are accepted.
Visa Information Students contact Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate General in your home country to receive Visa application form and instruction.
Step 2 Visa Application in HCMC DIR submits the necessary documents to Vietnam Immigration Department in Ho Chi Minh City (VID-HCMC). The visa pre-approval will be issued after 7 working days.
Step 3 Visa Pre-Approval – VID-HCMC will fax a copy of visa pre-approval to Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate General in your home contry (to the address of your choice as written in the Visa Information Form)

– You will receive a copy of the visa pre-approval from DIR via email.

Step 4 Visa Application in your home country You are responsible for bringing the printed visa pre-approval together with the following documents to Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate General in your  area  to get the visa:

– Passport with validity of at least 6 months

– Pre-approval confirmation (Printed on an A4-size-paper)

– Letter of Acceptance from HUFLIT

– Visa Application Forms (in accordance with the officials’ guidance at Vietnam Embassy/Vietnam Consulate General)

– Visa application fees (submit at Vietnam Embassy/ Vietnam Consulate General). The fee may vary according to different Vietnam Embassies in different countries.

Step 5 Visa Grant You will be notified by the Vietnam Embassy/ Vietnam Consulate General on the date and time to receive your visa, type DH – multiple entries.



– HUFLIT will not be responsible for the tardiness of students’ arrival in case they fail to submit the required documents on time.

– Obtaining and maintaining appropriate visa status is the responsibility of the student. However, HUFLIT will provide all necessary documentation and forms and support you to submit required documents at VID-HCMC.

When requesting for your visa pre-approval, HUFLIT will request 2 extra weeks prior to the beginning of the academic semester and 2 extra weeks after the end of that semester. Upon the completion of your studies with HUFLIT, HUFLIT will no longer sponsor for your student visa. You are highly recommended to apply for a tourist visa if you want to stay in Vietnam for other purposes.

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