The “Giao thoa an ky” talkshow and the journey to explore the beauty of Vietnamese culture by HUFLITers

TÁC GIẢ: Faculty of International Relations
NGÀY: 11/06/2023

The “Giao thoa an ky” talkshow not only conveys the significance of the homeland’s cultural beauty but also provides a space for HUFLITers to exchange ideas about Vietnamese culture and people in the modern context. The talkshow, organized by the students of the Faculty of International Relations (FIR), attracted the attention of more than 400 HUFLITers.

The “Giao thoa an ky” talkshow’s poster

Accompanying the Faculty of International Relations’ students at the “Giao thoa an ky” talkshow was the guest speaker – Mr. Ngo Tran Hai An, also known as “Quy Coc Tu”. Mr. Hai An is a well-known figure in the travel blogger community and is also a photojournalist.

With real-life experiences from traveling to over 40 countries across Asia, Europe, and Africa, Mr. Ngo Tran Hai An shared insights and inspirations about his career journey with the students. His works not only impress viewers with their artistic presentation but also encompass valuable lessons and stories about people’s lives in various cultural regions, spreading positive and meaningful messages to society.

Guest speaker Ngo Tran Hai An shared about his journey

During the “Giao thoa an ky” talkshow, the guest speaker, Ngo Tran Hai An, brought many exciting experiences to the students through storytelling with images. He took the students on a journey to explore various regions where each stop was an “an ky” (impression) with unique and distinct cultural characteristics. Furthermore, the students had the opportunity to hear Mr. Hai An share stories about “special” individuals who demonstrated extraordinary determination and profound inspiration in life.

Through his stories, not only did Mr. Hai An recall memorable moments, but he also evoked profound emotions in the students, motivating them to embark on their own journeys.

HUFLIT students enthusiastically exchanged ideas and posed questions to the guest speaker

In addition, Mr. Ngo Tran Hai An shared his serendipitous journey into becoming a photojournalist and the process of building and developing his career. He emphasized that perseverance and relentless efforts were the determining factors. He encouraged young people to seize opportunities from the present, especially during their student years. He said, “Twenty years from now, you will regret more about the things you didn’t do than the ones you did. Step out of your comfort zone to explore the world around you, to witness your growth from those small steps, to live in listening, loving, and sharing happiness”.

HUFLIT students took photos with FIR’s Board of Directors and guest speaker

Being a photojournalist is a profession that demands not only creativity but also steadfast perseverance and unwavering dedication. For young people with aspirations and passions, now is the time to boldly seek opportunities to gain experiences and prepare for the journey ahead. It is hoped that the fascinating and practical insights shared by Mr. Ngo Tran Hai An have contributed to empowering HUFLIT students with the motivation to realize their dreams.

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