Students from HUFLIT Faculty of Law advocate against child violence in the simulated trial of 2023

TÁC GIẢ: Faculty of Law
NGÀY: 10/06/2023

In addition to providing students with opportunities to apply their knowledge to realistic scenarios, the simulated trial of 2023 serves as a platform for students of HUFLIT Faculty of Law (FL) to spread humane messages to society.

The simulated trial is a practical exercise based on the circumstances of a real case, reflecting the psychological characteristics of young age and the current social situation. In line with this criterion, the Law Club HUFLIT – HLC, in collaboration with HUFLIT Faculty of Law, partnered with the People’s Committee of Ward 8, District 10, to organize the “Simulated Trial of 2023” for the criminal case of “Child abuse”. The trial was reenacted following the proper criminal procedure, with the participation and witnessing of numerous students, pupils, and residents living in the local area.

The event was attended by Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Bao Quyen – District Committee Member and Secretary of the Party Committee of Ward 8, Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh – Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ward 8, along with other Party Committee members, six level party cells, and the heads and deputies of the six neighborhood management boards. The program also had the presence of Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thinh – Head of the Notary Office Nguyen Dinh Thinh, Mr. Nguyen Khac Quoc Huy – Secretary of the Youth Union of Ward 8, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City.

The simulated trial heard the case of the defendant Nguyen Thanh N. (38 years old, residing in Ho Chi Minh City) for the crime of child abuse of a person under 16 years old. According to the evidence, the defendant N. lived together with Ms. Nguyen Thi T. as husband and wife, and the victim was her daughter, Nguyen Thao M.

During their cohabitation, the defendant N. repeatedly engaged in acts of physical abuse, inflicting injuries on M. However, M. did not dare to inform her family; it was only when her homeroom teacher discovered the situation that the case was immediately reported to the police. The forensic center (Ho Chi Minh City Department of Health) concluded that M. had injuries amounting to 16% of her body.

N.’s actions were deemed dangerous to society, causing harm to the health and life of others, which the state aims to protect, and affecting public order and security in the local area. At the end of the trial, the defendant Nguyen Thanh N. was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison.

The judge – the presiding officer of the court – is reading the decision to bring the case to trial

The trial not only judge but also explain the severity of child abuse to the defendant and those involved, which was an essential part of the event. Thanks to the attention and vigilance, the defendant’s actions were brought to light and subjected to legal punishment. Through this case, it is hoped that teachers and parents will have the courage to report and notify authorities about such incidents and, at the same time, pay closer attention to the study and life of their children. This way, cases of children being abused by parents or students being abused by teachers can be avoided.

The “Simulated Trial” is the most practical environment for students while they are still in school. Through this, it helps students gain a broader understanding of the legal process in general and delivers a message that is closer to reality.

Dr. Bui Kim Hieu, Head of Faculty of Law, emphasized: “The organization of the Simulated Trial is not only a way to train students’ knowledge and skills but also a means to promote and educate the public about the law and strengthen the efforts to prevent and combat child abuse by the community. Furthermore, the Faculty of Law HUFLIT aims to educate a generation of students who possess both professional competence and practical knowledge to meet the current demands of society”.


With the topic “child abuse” – an issue that has received significant attention from society recently, the “Simulated Trial of 2023” has partially promoted awareness of the legal measures to prevent and combat child abuse for everyone, thereby contributing to raising the consciousness of people, students, and the entire community. This meaningful activity also provides an opportunity for students of the Faculty of Law to practice professional skills and gain real-life experience right from their time in school.


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