Student exchange program with Myongji University – Korea for Fall Semester 2023

TÁC GIẢ: Department of External Relations
NGÀY: 04/05/2023

The Department of External Relations is pleased to announce the student exchange program with Myongji University, Korea for the Fall Semester of 2023. The program details are as follows:

  • Quantity: 1 student
  • Exchange duration: 1 semester or 2 semesters, starting from the Fall semester of the academic year 2023-2024.
  • Study program: in Korean or English. Students can refer to the Department’s training program on the university’s website to choose suitable courses.
  • Students can find detailed information about the university, courses, and application documents at or scan the QR code.


  • Currently enrolled in the 3rd year or above (for Korean Studies students) or 2nd year or above (for all other majors).
  • Language proficiency equivalent to TOPIK 3 (for Korean language program) or TOEFL 70/ IELTS 5.5/ TOEIC 750 (for English language program).

Application documents: Students need to prepare the following documents in advance:

  • Passport copy: Only need the pages containing information. The expired date must be after March 2025.
  • Identification copy: Both sides of the copy are required.
  • Guardian (Parental) Consent Form: Download from the website. Must be signed by parents or financial sponsors.
  • Rector Confirmation Form: The Department of External Relations will prepare and send it via email to students after the official nomination list is available.
  • Health Report: Download from the website. Students should take this form to a designated hospital for a health check-up to prepare for studying in Korea. Research and have the health check at hospitals accepted by the Consulate General.
  • Certificate of Enrollment in English: Contact the Political Affairs – Student Affairs Office to obtain the English version. Then, submit it to the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Foreign Affairs and the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Ho Chi Minh City for legalization.
  • Official Transcript in English: Contact the Department of Education to obtain the English version.
  • TOPIK, TOEFL, IELTS test report: English or Korean language proficiency certificates. Optional.
  • Bank balance statement of minimum $20,000 (for 2-semester exchange students)  or $10,000 (for 1-semester exchange students): This account can be under the name of parents or financial sponsors, but it must have the household registration/residency document proving the family relationship.
  • Colored ID Photo file:White background, taken within the last 6 months. Not taken with a phone.

    Save in JPG format.

    Bring 2 photos when going to Korea.

Note: All documents must be in English or Korean. If in Vietnamese, they must be officially translated into English or Korean.

Rights and Responsibilities:


  • Exempt from 100% of tuition fees and registration fees at MJU;
  • Issued an academic transcript upon completing the program;
  • The study results abroad will be considered for credit transfer back to HUFLIT if they are equivalent to the courses in the HUFLIT program. The maximum number of credits transferable is 25% of the total credits in the training program (e.g., if the training program consists of 100 credits, the maximum number of credits that can be transferred is 25 credits).


  • Students are responsible for covering all expenses incurred during the exchange program at MJU;
  • Pay the advisory support fee for application review as per HUFLIT’s regulations;
  • Pay the corresponding tuition fees for the courses recognized as equivalent before departure.
  • Detailed information regarding tuition fees and fees will be sent after the student obtains the visa.

The Department of External Relations kindly requests all faculties to widely disseminate this information so that students who meet the criteria can apply for participation in the program.

Application process as follows:

  • The Faculty announces information to students.
    2. Students who meet the requirements register at the Faculty ‘s Office.
    3. The Faculty sends a list of nominations to the Department of External Relations before 16:30 on May 15th, 2023 (the list must include names, student ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, passport numbers, and exchange period). If the number of applications exceeds the partner’s requirements, the Department of External Relations will conduct a selection process to choose suitable students and inform the Faculty of the results. Otherwise, the list nominated by the Faculty will be the official list of participants.
    4. After being informed of their selection by the Faculty, students quickly register online at and take a screenshot of the successful submission of their application, then send it via email to the Department of External Relations before 16:30 on May 30, 2023.

For any questions regarding the exchange program, students are requested to contact the Department of External Relations (email: for assistance.

  • HUFLIT accepts applications for admission based on the high school transcript evaluation in the fourth round
    From August 1st to August 22nd, 2023, Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology (HUFLIT) will accept applications for admission based on the results of the high school graduation exam in the fourth round of 2023 for 18 undergraduate majors under the regular system.
  • HUFLIT announces the guaranteed threshold for admission quality based on the method of evaluating the high school graduation exam results in 2023
    On July 24, 2023, the Admission Council of HUFLIT announced the guaranteed threshold for admission quality based on the method of evaluating the high school graduation exam results in 2023. This threshold is applicable to 18 undergraduate majors under the regular system, following the admission evaluation process regulated by the Ministry of Education and Training. The admission score threshold ranges from 15 to 16 points.
  • Instructions for candidates to apply for university admission on the portal of the Ministry of Education and Training in 2023


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