HUFLITers are sublimated in the timeless movie soundtracks at Language Melody 2023

NGÀY: 13/06/2023

Language Melody 2023 served hundreds of audiences at the “6th-floor sanctuary” an exquisite music feast. Not only did it bring various emotions but the timeless movie soundtracks performed by the contestants also revived the memories of youth.

The multilingual music competition “Language Melody – Melodies of Languages” in 2023 adopted the theme “Spreading your soul – Singing the OST”, with the desire to bring back the timeless movie soundtracks to the stage with fresh and vibrant colors. With over 100 registrations from high school students to college students in Ho Chi Minh City, the Preliminary round, held on 23rd to 25th April, 2023, was lively and vibrant, reflecting the enthusiastic attention and interest from the participants since the early days of the competition.

The opening speech in the Preliminary round

To prepare for the Semi-final night, the contestants drew lots to select their “companion” and “golden voice choice” for any singer. From there, they collaborated to come up with ideas for their performances and chose a movie soundtrack of the selected singer that best suited both sides. The given requirements posed challenges for the contestants, but with their love and passion for music, they managed to find their unique style for their performances alongside their chosen partners. Through dedicated rehearsals with professional consultant, the contestants put in their best efforts to complete their paired performances at the Semi-final night held on May 8th, 2023.

Contestants practicing with professional consultant

Some photos from Semi-final night

During the Grand Finale, PhD. Cao Do Quyen, the Japanese language judge, shared his thoughts by saying: “This (high-quality) competition should not only stop at the faculty level but should be expanded to the university level or even to the city level”. At the same time, the performances of the contestants left a lasting impression on the audience attending the Final night, thanks to the grandeur and distinctive vocal expressions of each contestant. One contestant expressed, “I feel very happy and grateful to have reached the Finals. I can’t find words to describe how joyful I am, as this is my first time participating in a singing competition, and I even made it to the Finals. I can only express my thanks and gratitude.”

PhD. Cao Do Quyen (left) as a judge in the Finals

With 12 impressive performances from talented contestants, the Judging Panel has selected outstanding individuals for the awards:

– Audience’s Favorite Performance: Contestant Dinh Thi Thanh Thuy – Performance “Because I miss you”

– Solo Category

+ Champion: Contestant Tran Nghien – Performance “Mashup Lovely and Bet on it”

+ 1st Runner-up: Contestant Do Thi Diem Quynh – Performance “Let it go”

+ 2nd Runner-up: Contestant Tran Thanh An – Performance “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing”

– Multi-language Category

+ Champion: Contestant Le Do Minh Hieu – Performance “Akeboshi”

+ 1st Runner-up: Contestant Nguyen Truc Phuong – Performance “Is you”

+ 2nd Runner-up: Contestant Nguyen Doan Hien Thuc – Performance “Hàn nha thiếu niên”

In addition, the contestants who received awards during the Grand Finale also received attractive prizes:

– 02 Champion Awards, each includes: 2,500,000 VND, Certificate of Recognition from the Student Union, commemorative medal.

– 02 1st Runner-up Awards, each includes: 1,500,000 VND, Certificate of Recognition from the Student Union, commemorative medal.

– 02 2nd Runner-up Awards, each includes: 1,000,000 VND, Certificate of Recognition from the Student Union, commemorative medal.

– 01 Audience’s Favorite Performance Award: 500,000 VND, Certificate of Recognition from the Student Union.

Memorable moments of contestants in the Finals

The Grand Finale has brought the Language Melody 2023 music journey to a close, leaving a unique and lasting impression on all attendees. Through the competition, the contestants have improved their pronunciation in foreign languages, making their speech clearer and more accurate, and honed their singing skills, enabling them to further develop their passion for music. For the audience, it is hoped that the Grand Finale has provided moments of relaxation, immersed in the melodies, and created cherished memories of their enthusiastic and vibrant student life.


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