Enhancing “TƯ DUY TRANH BIỆN – CRITICAL THINKING”” with the students from the Faculty of Law at HUFLIT

NGÀY: 12/06/2023

In order to equip students with essential skills in critical thinking and boost their confidence in expressing personal opinions, problem-solving, and managing emotions, the Law Student Association at HUFLIT organized a workshop called “Tư duy tranh biện – Critical Thinking,” with over 400 attendees.

During the “Tư duy tranh biện – Critical Thinking” workshop, the students had the opportunity to meet with Lawyer Ho Huu Hoanh, an expert in Franchise, Intellectual Property, and Labor law. Currently, he holds various positions, including Founder, Managing Lawyer, and Chairman of Saigonmind Law Firm; Founder of Saigonmind Group Joint Stock Company and Owner of Saigonmind Limited Liability Company; Arbitrator at the Ho Chi Minh City Commercial Arbitration Center (Tracent); and Partner Lawyer at Trilaw, Asia.

At the workshop, Lawyer Ho Huu Hoanh emphasized that critical thinking is not just about accumulating information, as having a good memory or extensive knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean having good critical thinking skills. Therefore, we should avoid confusing critical thinking with the desire to argue or criticize. Although debating skills can be used to clarify shortcomings and errors in arguments, they play a crucial role in creating sound reasoning and valid arguments.

Lawyer Ho Huu Hoanh shares how to enhance critical thinking

With his extensive knowledge and experience, Lawyer Ho Huu Hoanh wholeheartedly conveyed valuable information to the members and students, teaching them how to cope with situations and present logical arguments supported by the most convincing evidence during debates.

Lawyer Ho Huu Hoanh shared, “Critical thinking helps improve language skills and presentation, enabling you to confidently address a crowd and also supports the development of reading comprehension and problem-solving abilities, especially when unexpected situations arise.”

The lawyer also highlighted important aspects of “Critical Thinking,” such as developing debate skills and nurturing critical thinking abilities, which help members and students be prepared to handle unexpected situations. The speaker emphasized the significance of equipping oneself with essential skills such as observation, logical analysis, reasoning, and problem-solving. These elements are crucial because when we want to solve a particular issue, we need to apply scientific thinking to analyze its core content. From there, we can make inferences and reach conclusions as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, lawyer Huu Hoanh emphasized the importance of continuously nurturing critical thinking with essential principles. Firstly, it is essential to approach objects and phenomena with a logical and reasonable perspective, acknowledging their existence and relevance. Secondly, one should be skeptical about “truth” and “true stories.” In this regard, the lawyer helps HUFLIT members and students understand the significance of quickly and accurately evaluating the right and wrong aspects of any issue, which is particularly crucial for the present generation of Gen Z.

The interaction between HUFLIT students and the guest speaker was incredibly vibrant. The questions posed to the guests were sharp, concise, and directly addressed the core issues. Moreover, the responses from the guests were highly satisfying for HUFLIT members and students, as they were based on practical experience and were convincing.

In addition, the guest also shared more about “How to develop quick critical thinking?” It involves actively enriching one’s knowledge, having an objective perspective, and cultivating the habit of asking questions. Forming the habit of observation and continuous learning enables one to be well-informed during arguments, allowing them to present sharp, logical, and highly persuasive arguments.

Attendee asking the guest speaker questions in workshop

The skill workshop “Tư duy tranh biện – Critical Thinking” has brought many valuable lessons, not only for law students but also for all HUFLIT members. Through this event, it is hoped that HUFLIT members have absorbed valuable knowledge that can be applied in real life, forming critical thinking and argumentation skills, thereby enhancing their capabilities and self-worth.

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