E-Commerce – A trendy field in the era of Industry 4.0

NGÀY: 16/05/2023

With the powerful explosion of the internet and the rapid development of e-commerce platforms, Vietnam has been recognized by experts within and outside the industry as a “sleeping lion” in the realm of e-commerce, waiting to be awakened. This perception has led to an increasing number of corporations, companies, and enterprises adopting long-term investment strategies in this digital business model. In the foreseeable future, the demand for skilled professionals in the e-commerce field is expected to be extensive, attracting a large number of young people to pursue studies in this area.

Let’s explore the E-commerce industry and the abundant job opportunities it offers in the digital age, where HUFLIT is at the forefront of leading this trend.

1. Major: E-commerce

2. Major code: 7340122

3. Admission combination codes: A00, A01, D01, D07

4. Total credits: 136

5. Training duration: 3,5 years

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce (Electronic Commerce) is a form of online business that uses information technology platforms with the support of the Internet to conduct buying, selling, exchanging, and online payment transactions. It involves performing a part or all of commercial activities through modern electronic means, enabling quick, widespread, efficient, cost-effective, and expanded business operations.

The field of E-commerce is an intersection between business and information technology.

The field of E-commerce will equip students with knowledge in:

  • Economics, management, and law in business operations.
  • In-depth knowledge of information technology and its application in building business models on the Internet platform. This will meet the demand for human resources in the digital economy.

Furthermore, the program will also provide students with knowledge of organizing and managing businesses operating on the Internet. They will learn how to build and deploy E-commerce applications, run advertisements, find potential customers, and create marketing channels to optimize website traffic for sales purposes.

The distinctive features of the E-commerce program:

  • Focused on the fields of information technology and business, enabling graduates to develop research capabilities in the online business sector and independently build their own online business models.
  • HUFLIT emphasizes industry-oriented semesters to provide students with more job opportunities, especially encouraging entrepreneurship in the E-commerce field. This approach aims to empower students to create their own jobs after graduation, contributing additional value to themselves and society.

Career opportunities:

After completing the Bachelor’s degree program in E-commerce, graduates can take on various roles, including:

  • E-commerce Operations Specialist (managing E-commerce systems, online business, etc.)
  • Digital Marketing Staff.
  • Specialist in managing and developing E-commerce and online business transaction systems in companies and enterprises. There are opportunities for career advancement to positions like Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Director of E-Marketing.
  • Consultant for advisory firms, proposing solutions, and developing and maintaining IT projects related to E-commerce or electronic business management.
  • Research and application of information technology in institutes, centers, and research agencies under Ministries and Departments
  • E-commerce Lecturer.
  • Entrepreneurship or business ownership.

To enhance employment opportunities for graduates in E-commerce, HUFLIT emphasizes strong industry linkages in the training process, collaborating with E-commerce companies like Lazada, Shopee, etc., which will provide students with more job opportunities. Additionally, the university encourages students to pursue entrepreneurship in the E-commerce field, allowing them to create job opportunities for themselves and contribute more value to themselves and society.

Currently, HUFLIT is accepting applications for admission through the academic records, and candidates can apply for admission today.


For new students of the 29th cohort in the following majors: English Studies, Chinese Studies, Information Technology, E-commerce, Business Administration, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Business, a 15% scholarship will be applied to the entire course if you choose to study for 4 years at the Hoc Mon Campus.


  • HUFLIT accepts applications for admission based on the high school transcript evaluation in the fourth round
    From August 1st to August 22nd, 2023, Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology (HUFLIT) will accept applications for admission based on the results of the high school graduation exam in the fourth round of 2023 for 18 undergraduate majors under the regular system.
  • HUFLIT announces the guaranteed threshold for admission quality based on the method of evaluating the high school graduation exam results in 2023
    On July 24, 2023, the Admission Council of HUFLIT announced the guaranteed threshold for admission quality based on the method of evaluating the high school graduation exam results in 2023. This threshold is applicable to 18 undergraduate majors under the regular system, following the admission evaluation process regulated by the Ministry of Education and Training. The admission score threshold ranges from 15 to 16 points.
  • Instructions for candidates to apply for university admission on the portal of the Ministry of Education and Training in 2023


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